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Morni Hill Resorts: Anglers Parc Resort

February 29, 20121 Comment

The resort is set on the low hills to the south of the Tikkar tal and affords a pleasant view of the lake. The metalled road from Morni to the Haryana tourism resort at the rim of the Tikkar tal snakes on further through the low hills that ensconse the lakes to the south and breaks out in the […]

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Birds of Morni: White Wagtail

February 29, 20120 Comments

White Wagtail/ Dhoban/ (Motacilla alba) a slender 7″ bird with a long tail that constantly wags as it forages for insects, alert for predators.It is grey above and white below. It has a white face with a black skull cap and a black throat that gives one the curious impression that the bird is wearing […]

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Ban on Plastics in Morni

February 15, 20121 Comment

The Environment Department of the Haryana Government has, vide Notification No. 16/52/2010-Env. dated 3rd February 2010, banned the use of all types of plastic articles such as carry bags (irrespective of thickness and size), plates, cups, tumblers, spoons, forks and straw in Wild Life Sanctuaries and National Parks of Haryana and Gram Panchayat, Morni.It is […]

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