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The walk through Rasoon, Bhoj Balag

December 28, 20110 Comments

Trek Route: The Rasoon-Deora Track Length: 4.5 KM Time: 2 Hours The road from Morni to Tikkar tal is a level drive for some 2 kilometres from the fort until one reaches the sharp bend around the Gajan ridge. The road then descends sharply against the face of the rocky-cliff and offers an awe-inspiring view of […]

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The Lady with the Mastiff

December 21, 20110 Comments

The construction of the ‘Tikkar Cottage,’ our dream home in the Morni hills, was finally coming to an end. We had not realized the challenges involved in undertaking construction in the hills and our time schedule and budget projections had gone completely haywire. The plan was to have a cute little hill cottage with a […]

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Sherla Revisited

December 15, 20111 Comment

My appetite for Morni is insatiable. I can wander aimlessly in these hills without ever getting bored. We were into the second day of a weekend and I had managed to convince my pals to accompany me for a photography excursion to the hills. The ‘Doc’ had lost 25 pounds since our last misadventure with […]

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The Lady of Morni

December 12, 20113 Comments

‘Will these trees do well in Morni?’ I asked the dignified fauji owner of the beautiful nursery at the foot of the Morni hills. We were having tea in the Colonel’s breezy ‘field office,’ a modest wooden structure with a tin-roof. A tiny mouse peered at us inquisitively through a crack in the wooden false ceiling, […]

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Birds of Morni: Orphean Warbler

December 11, 20110 Comments

Orphean Warbler (Sylvia hortensis) – A small (15 cm) passerine bird found in open deciduous woodland that feeds on insects. The adult males have a plain grey back, dark grey head, white throat and underparts. The bill is long and pointed and the legs black. The male has a  black eye mask and a prominent white iris. […]

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Birds of Morni: Red-headed Vulture

December 10, 20110 Comments

Red-headed Vulture/ Asian King Vulture (Sarcogyps calvus) is a medium-sized vulture about 3 feet in length with a wingspan of around 8 feet.The body is black with a pale grey band at the base of flight feathers.Found in deciduos forests, open arid country,foothills and river valleys upto an altitude of 3000 metres.The adult has a […]

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The Mason of Tikkar

December 9, 20115 Comments

It was afternoon by the time I reached the Tikkar Cottage. I had a quick lunch. The usual dal makhni and aloo fry with paranthas that the cook of the next door cottage-hotel specializes in. I donned my biking shoes, slung my camera, strapped my helmet and thundered off to Tikkar Tal, my destination for […]

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The Journey Begins

December 8, 20111 Comment

‘It’s a monstrous waste of money,’ I beseeched my brother-in-law for the nth time. He was in the process of buying a ‘Thunderbird’, a jazzed up version of the Royal Enfield’s 350 cc motorcycle,  the classic ‘Bullet’. ‘A fuel-guzzling world war II relic that is bought only by the doodhwallahs (milkmen) for door-to-door delivery. An […]

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Birds of Morni: Jungle Crow

December 6, 20110 Comments

Jungle Crow (Corvus macrorhynchos) is a glossy jet black crow with a heavy bill. Its ‘caw’ is deep and hoarse. Found chiefly in the countryside, it feeds on carrion. It is omnivorous and feeds on eggs and chicks of other birds. It also feeds on small mammals. It build its nest in trees, a platform of […]

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Birds of Morni: Indian Peafowl

December 6, 20110 Comments

Indian Peafowl/Mor (Pavo cristatus)- is a large brightly coloured bird of the pheasant family. It is the national bird of India. The cock can have a bill to tail feather length of over 7 feet and can weigh over 5 kg. The gorgeous cock is predominantly velvety blue (crown, neck and chest) with striking elongated upper-tail covert […]

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